Thursday, September 10, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Jyothi has passes this award caller “Honest Scrap Award” to me. Thanks Jyothi, I’m honored.

I didn’t know what it means when I read the comment from Jyothi that I’ve got this ‘Honest Scrap’ award. Googled and found out this: "This award is about bloggers who post from their heart,who oftentimes put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul."
The award has two components:
  1. First, you have to list 10 honest things about yourself (and make them interesting)
  2. Then, you have to present the award to seven other bloggers.

Now, coming to the 10 honest facts about me.... Since I’ve got this award on my food blog, let me try to list down 10 honest things related to food / cooking.... and here it is....

  1. I like trying out new things and experimenting new combinations
  2. I don’t mind admitting fault when I’ve done some goof up with some dish
  3. When it comes to having my favorite items, I WANT it the way I want it... I’ll just not like it if it’s a little this side or that in taste / appearance
  4. People get irritated with me at times when I’m so particular
  5. I like cooking myself - taking ownership of whatever I do, rather than taking instructions and just helping out in the kitchen
  6. As much as I love to cook at home, I also love to freak out and try different cuisines at various food joints. And when I feel like having something at some place, I’ll badly start craving for it :)
  7. If I feel I don’t like something, then I’d be so adamant not to change my opinion for it. Like I never used to eat raw onions (except for in chats), I never eat tomatoes if they are visible, and many more like that. And of late I’m getting over that habit.... I’ve started loving raw onions, though I’ve not changed my mind about tomatoes yet!
  8. I just LOVE whatever mom makes, and still I make a fuss with her, that this should be like that, that should be like this and so on, and irritate her
  9. Though I had learnt quite a bit of cooking before marriage, I had never managed to learn rolling chapathis! It was only a few months after marriage that I started seriously practicing it whenever I went to mom’s place, and learnt it!
  10. I get excited when I invite guests home for a meal. I’d plan and plan on an elaborate meal, prepare for it and make it..... and end up feeling exhausted and of course satisfied!

Ok, these were the ten things I could think of for now......
Now, I pass it on to
- Sia
- Kitchen Flavours
- Preeti
- Kaush
- Hema
- Sushma
- And anyone else who wants to take it.....
You don’t have to necessarily write 10 honest things related to food alone... it can be anything :)


  1. "When it comes to having my favorite items, I WANT it the way I want it... I’ll just not like it if it’s a little this side or that in taste / appearance"- Ditto with me. I've been trying to make tava pulaav but I'm not getting the exact taste and texture..BTW, have you ever been to Richie Rich nr. Shivanada Circle? They make superb tava- pulaav and vada-pao..

    I used to be a super fussy eater, picking out rai-jeera-onions out of every preparation when I was a kid..

    Thanks for the award Sum, I will be posting 10 honest things about me very soon..Thanks for the honor again..


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