Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Choco Milk Shake

A lazy, Sunny Sunday Afternoon.
Have nothing much to do, except for lazing in front of the TV…. Or with a book. All you need is something cold to quench the summer thirst…. And some chocolate to lift up your spirit! Why not combine the two to make a chocolaty shake? And if you are just two, then it’s a wonderful time to sit with a glass of cold, chocolaty milk shake and just talk and talk everything on earth!
Well, this is the best thing I like to do on weekends when we are home alone – err both of us are together alone, I mean! We’ll then have ample of time to just sit and relax and talk and chat and watch movies and of course to make two glassfuls of yummy milk shake and sit back and sip it slowly...... And that’ll make the weekend sort of complete, I can say. And if it’s chocolate shake that I make, it’s a wonderful energizer as well.
So, you need not go to CCD to have a choco-shake... here’s how you can make it yourself, and suit it to your taste....
Choco - Milk Shake

Preparation time : 5 min
Cooking time : 5 min
Serves : 2

Chilled Milk - 1 ½ glass
Cold Milk - ½ cup, room temperature
Cocoa Powder - 4-5 Tsp
Sugar - 3-4 Tsp, depending on taste
Vanilla Ice cream - 3 scoops

• Mix cocoa powder thoroughly in milk to form a consistent paste
• In a blender / mixer jar, add sugar, chilled milk and the cocoa paste and blend it for a minute or two
• Add one scoop of vanilla ice cream and blend again
• Pour it into 2 serving glasses
• Add one scoop of ice cream to each glass and serve.

Tips n Tricks:
• Do not add cocoa powder to chilled milk as it forms lumps and does not make a smooth paste

• A couple of teaspoons of thick coffee decoction can be added
• Chocolate flavored ice cream may be added for rich choco flavor
• More chocolate sauce can be added over


  1. looks yummy :D
    Do u have any recipes of Ragi??

  2. It tastes yummy too, Preeti!

    Well, ragi? yeah... i guess i can post ragi dosa, hurittu... is that waht u asked for?

  3. If preeti aunty certifies then it must be good! What I liked most in this post is super pic of Deepak! aah the Canon is showing it's wonders


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