Monday, April 12, 2010

Kusubalakki Paddu / Gundpongalu

Usually, all idli and dosa batters that need fermenting are prepared by MIL. And the ones that can be used instantly after grinding come under my department. This time I came across this very simple recipe for Paddu/Gundpongalu/Indian-aebliskever in a co-blogger’s blog and was tempted to try it out. I thought its high time I pitch into this area of cooking too :)
The list of ingredients being very simple, I went ahead and soaked for it. But again, it was my MIL who ended up getting it ground, since I had to go out for something. My wish of grinding a batter didn’t get fulfilled yet!
Anyway, the paddu came out pretty well, and we were quite impressed with the taste. (My MIL usually uses a different set of ingredients for her version, which I’ll post some other time.)
Kusubalakki Paddu

Preparation time : 30 min, excluding time for soaking
Cooking time : 20 min
Serves : 5-6

Boiled rice/Kusubalakki - 4 cups
Urad dal - 1 cup
Salt - ¾ th tsp or according to taste
Cooking oil - to brush the Aebliskever pan

• Soak the rice & dal in enough amount of water for 6-8hours.
• Grind the rice-dal mixture in a mixie or grinder and prepare a smooth batter.
• Batter should be like a thick milkshake. Let the batter ferment overnight or for about 8-10hours. Batter would be doubled by then.


• Add salt to the batter & mix well.
• Heat the paddu pan/aebliskever pan. When the pan is hot, add few drops of oil to each mould.
• Pour ½ Tbsp of batter to each mould or ¾ th the mould and cook on medium heat for a minute.
• Turn the balls and cook on the other side too, till it becomes golden brown
• Serve hot with a coconut chutney.

Tips n Tricks:
• Do not cook the paddu on high flame. They’ll not be done in the middle but get brown on the outer layer

• Chopped onion, coriander and ginger can be added to the batter


  1. Love gundupangalu and chutney!! They look crisp and tasty!

  2. My favorite snack looks yummy with chutney.

  3. Wow, looks yummy! I normally make it with leftover idli/dosa batter. But readying the batter just to make this is an even better idea ;)
    You have a lovely space! Keep going. Do visit my space too when you get time :)

  4. I make separate batter for gundu pongal. But, I have never tried it with parboiled rice. My kids love these and can finish it off without any fuss particularly if I give them ketchup.

  5. hey ! dropped in to see the "PADDU" .. fab pics and a nice blog too ! Please also visit mine sometime :)
    Mom Chef


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