Thursday, September 6, 2012

Herbed Pull-apart Bread - For Suma

Suma Rowjee, a dear blogger friend some time back asked me to do a guest post for her lovely delicious blog, Cakes and More. I was more than delighted! She has such a beautiful blog with so many amazing delicacies. And I just love her witty writing. I make sure I don’t miss her post for two things - a nice write up and a nicer delicacy! Do check out her blog for some amazing baked delicacies, and also a few traditional recipes. 

Here's the bread i baked for her blog - Herbed, Garlicky, Pull-apart bread, but baked in a bundt pan. Do check it out here. Thanks Suma for hosting me at your lovely place :)


  1. Perfectly done

    Event: Dish name starts with O

  2. Yes I too like her nice write ups...Bread looking perfect...

  3. Such a lovely guest post, went through at SUma's place,simply loved it.


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