Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mini Dosas for Kids' Delight

Don’t you agree that kids are the most difficult ones to convince in terms of food? They would like to eat something only if they feel like it and when they feel like it!

My niece Hima, now 5, who stays with us have given me this experience! Though it is generally her grand parents who struggle to feed her day in and day out, sometimes the task does come to me too. And when it does, she is the most delighted, coz she knows that me, her atte, does something innovative to feed her. It could be a story, or an animated description of a petty event from my childhood or a small game to deceive her to finish off her portion of meal, the ‘eating time’ reduces to less than half with me, and sometimes less than a quarter of the usual time.

And at other times when I don’t want to spend my energy with these tricks, it’ll be some attractive presentation of the same food that’ll make her eat it herself in less time! One such would be to simply make smaller versions of the usual food - chapathi or dosa or rotti... And with it also comes one micky-mouse or a pussy-cat shaped one, which goes into her tummy even faster!!

I guess in case of my kids, I’ll never be running behind them trying to feed them. I better make them learn to eat themselves, and at most I can make may such attractive foods for them to eat!

You can try this with your kids too, and see how the food just vanishes!

How to:
For dosas, use the same dosa batter, but make little ones on the same big tawa, by dropping just spoonfuls at a time. And for the mickey mouse or pussy cat or so, draw the shapes with the batter. Once the dosa is ready, drop jam / chutney or whatever your kid likes as eyes, nose and mouth. You can do it much better than the ones in pictures here, but since I was in a rush in the morning hour, this is all I managed.

For chapathis, you can try cookie cutter and cut out different shapes and make multiple mini-chapathis. You can even put up a competition on how many your kid eats...

I have used multi-flour, quick fix dosa batter here, but you can use any variety of dosa batter.

Sending this to Srivalli's Kids' Delight event hosted this time by Champa. Round up for the same can be found here.


  1. wow..cutie pie is eating cute dosas...lovely..

  2. Oh, she is cute Sumana. Adorable little girl. When you do have kids of your own, you will make one heck of a mom. I have no patience to feed anyone. I cook, keep it on the table and they have to eat it.

  3. sounds like a great trick to feed the little ones..your niece is so adorable...


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