Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baked Aloo Tikki with Green Chutney

I’ve made aloo tikkis a couple of times before, but not the baked version. Back home, while cooking for a sizeable party, shallow frying the tikkis felt too elaborate; esp with all the other items to be taken care of alongside. Though the idea of baking would cross my mind, with the small oven that I had, baking them would mean more time consuming, so never bothered to try.
Now that I have a big oven here, wanted to try out the baked version. Also because I need to keep a check on the calories! With all the cooking experiments I’m making, I’m afraid we’ll both bloat up by the time we return to India!! Of course potatoes are a high-cal food, but I felt baking does reduce the amount of oil that went in and also saves time.

I’ve not used bread crumb to coat, instead used chickpea flour in the mixture for binding.
Here’s the recipe…

Baked Aloo Matar Tikkis

Potatoes – 4 medium sized
Green Peas – ¾ cup
Green chilies – 2, chopped
Garlic - 1 tsp, chopped
Ginger - 1 tsp, chopped
Coriander leaves – 2 Tbsp, chopped
1 tsp chat masala (or garam masala)
Gram flour – 2 Tbsp
Salt to taste
Olive oil – to brush the patties (or any other oil)

  • Boil the potatoes. Cool, peel the skin and mash them well
  • Boil green peas till tender and drain out the water
  • Mix potatoes, peas and add the rest of the ingredients and mix well
  • If the mixture feels very sticky add a bit more of the gram flour
  • Line the baking tray with foil. Grease slightly with oil.
  • Make small balls out of the potato mixture and flatten them over the prepared baking sheet
  • Keep it in fridge for a few minutes to set well
  • Preheat the oven to 220C
  • Bake it for 15 - 20 min, or until the crust turns golden
  • Serve hot with Green chutney

Green Chutney

Almost all the north Indian starters like tikkis, kababs, etc taste good only with this green chutney! I’m not much of a ketchup person for Indian snacks; I’d rather prefer a chutney that’ll go well with the dish.

With a huge bunch of mint and coriander bought from the local market, I needed no excuse to make this chutney for the aloo tikkis :)

Mint leaves – ½ cup
Coriander leaves – ½ cup
Green chilies – 2 or to taste
Thick Curd – 2-3 Tbsp
Lime juice – 1 tsp
Salt to taste

  • Take all the ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth
  • Do not add water, the curds should facilitate the blades
  • Adjust the consistency with more curd if required
  • Serve with any north Indian starter/snack or chats


  1. Sooper recipe. Will try the baked version soon

  2. Wat a guilt free tikkis,both tikki and chutney makes me hungry.

  3. Perfect looking tikkis, easy to dig into since it is baked :-)

  4. awesome...cant wait to try your tempting version now..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  5. hi dear first time here. Glad to follow you the tikki looks perfectly done. Do visit my space in ur free time.


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